Does she really know what she’s about to eat?

Steph and Tom arrived in Australia about two weeks ago. This morning they’re off to their Australian neighbour Andrew for morning tea.

„Coffee? How many spoons? White?‘ shouts Andrew from the kitchen while Steph and Tom are sitting in the backyard watching the lorikeets flying past them ‚kamikaze style‘ from the palms into some other trees they hadn’t seen before. Steph whispers into Tom’s ear „How many spoons? What’s he talking about?“ – „How would I know?“ says Tom rather shirty and goes inside.

A few minutes later the boys are back with three mugs of coffee. When Andrew goes inside again Heidi asks „So?“ „Well“ says Tom „I’m not sure if you’re going to like this coffee, it’s instant coffee. Andrew only wanted to know how many spoons of coffee and sugar we wanted and white was for milk.“ Heidi puts the mug under her nose and smells the coffee. She’d never had instant coffee, in Germany everyone has a filter coffee machine. „Just try it“ says Tom and gives her a little nudge.

„So how are you enjoying yourselves here in Australia?“ asks Andrew. He puts a plate with „Pflaumenmus sandwiches“ on the table and says „morning tea“. Heidi is hungry and so excited to see Pflaumenmus ‚Awesome, I couldn’t find that in any supermarket‘ she thinks.

„Oh thank you! That’ll just hit the spot!“ she smiles at Andrew before taking a big bite out of her sandwich. She chews a little and pulls a funny face, her mouth starts watering and she’s about to spew. „What the . . . !? What’s that??? It just tastes horrible!“ Luckily Andrew doensn’t have a clue what she’s saying in German. Tom is totally embarrassed by his girl-friend. First she pulled a funny face smelling the coffee and then she spits out the bread. Great first impression with the neighbour.

„I thought you might want to try it. Most tourists hate it. It’s called Vegemite.“ says Andrew with a big grin on his face. „Vegemite?“ asks Steph while she’s slowly starting to behave normally again. „That’s what we Australian’s grow up with. Don’t you Germans have something similar. . . this chocolate stuff? . . . Nutella? – Only difference, our Vegemite is salty.“ Andrew adds and starts laughing, Tom joining him.

Deutsch: Powidl (Zwetschgen- oder Pflaumenmus)...

English: Vegemite on toast Deutsch: Toastbrots...


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