Bring a plate, mate!

Red Plates

(Photo credit: thorinside)

„Hey we’re invited to the neighbour’s place tonight – party time!“ I say to Greg. I start getting our plates out of the kitchen cupboard. Greg looks at me funny and asks „What are you doing with all the plates?“. „Yeah, I thought it was weird, too but they don’t seem to have enough plates“ I answer while wiping the plates down, just ignoring the funny look on his face. „What?“ he asks shaking his head, crunching up his forehead.

Steph said „Bring a plate, mate! . . . I know they are students, but wouldn’t you just buy some paper plates when you put on a party? I thought we could help out and take all our plates over. What do you think?“

Greg is pissing himself laughing – the loudest belly laugh ever! One of many times over the years.

Now I start to wonder. „What’s so funny ?“. He laughs so hard, I just join in, even though I have no clue what’s going on. Eventually he can breathe again, wiping the tears off his cheeks he says „They want us to bring something to eat – to share.“ Both of us just burst out laughing as soon as he finishes the sentence. God I’m glad I didn’t embarrass myself. 😉

Later that evening we head over to the party with our „plate“ just as if it was always planned that way. I’m just telling Steph about my interpretation of „bring a plate mate“ when someone knocks on the door. Must be the next party guest. Steph opens the door and you can’t see who it is hiding behind a massive stack of plates. Steph and I look at each other laughing. „Luckily I’ve got an Australian boyfriend!“ I burst out.

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