Banana cake – made with love

„Bye, see ya later! Have a good day!“ I say to Greg who is making his way to work very early in the morning. „Thanks! Bye!“ he says and while he hops down the stairs to the garage he adds „Do you have any plans for today?“ – „Nothing special!“ I reply and close the door behind him with a big grin on my face.

Later that arvo I sit down with my laptop in our tiny living room with view over Newcastle Beach. Our kitchen table is the divider between our miniature kitchen and the lounge room. I google „Bananenkuchen“ (Banana cake). Greg always rambles on about how it is his favourite cake! Well I always liked baking in Germany, but I had never heard about banana cake!!! But thanks to the internet it shouldn’t be a hurdle! So off I go and get baking!

I’m so excited when I put the cake in the oven. Greg should have a nice surprise when he comes home in about an hour. I hear the keys in the door and the kitchen timer goes off at the same time – great timing!

„Hi! How was your day?“ asks Greg.

„Great!“ I say and hop around with excitement while pushing him gently towards the kitchen. „Have a look in the oven!“ I say grinning from one ear to the other. Greg opens the oven and . . . pulls a confused face.

„What’s that?“

„What do you mean, what’s that? Are you pulling my leg? It’s your favourite cake!“

Greg puts on the oven mitt and pulls my baking carefully out of the oven to have a closer look at it.

„My favourite cake you say???“ – then he bursts out laughing –

„Is it supposed to be banana bread?“

– part one –

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