All on a silver plate

Talking to some of my friends who also immigrated to Australia, we noticed that the perception about immigrating to Australia isn’t just distorted in Germany, which led me to this little story:

So you know someone who shifted their whole life to Australia!? They seem to come home every couple of years and spend time with family and friends? You probably think ‚God, they must be rich! They come home regularly and you know how much just the flights are‘. Let me fill you in on a secret: Those people you know do work really hard making a new life for themselves in a new country starting from scratch and they just love to see and spend time with you, that’s why they spend their very limited holidays (usually only four weeks in Australia) travelling the world to get home.

We were joking around that people probably think when you immigrate to Australia and your plane lands in between palm trees, the Australian Bank Manager is waiting for you with Frangipani’s around his neck and a big suitcase full of money with the promise, he’ll bring a new one when this one is empty. Then he’ll personally pick up your luggage and take you to the limousine that’s waiting outside with your personal driver, who will take you to your mansion right on the beach with koalas in the gum trees and kangaroos saddled up for riding (NO, we don’t ride kangaroos in Australia 😉 ).

It would be nice, but I haven’t met anyone that has happened to! If you are about to leave for Australia yourself and thought that’ll be the case, please go and unpack your suitcases, it’s not worth the trip!

Australia is a great country with loads of places which I would just call „paradise“. I can’t believe how lucky I am to live here, it was always a dream and it did come true. But it meant leaving behind family and friends who I miss dearly, a society that I knew how it worked, rules and regulations that made everyone tick, four distinctive seasons and „Kassler und Rotkohl“ (a German dish) ;-).

I got here with 20 kg luggage and only had my savings left. It took a while to find my way around, make new friends and get a proper job. In the first year no-one cared about my degree and the jobs I had in Germany, so I worked as a receptionist and did some general admin jobs to acquire some Australian experience and earn some cash. I always thought speaking another language should be an advantage, but I always felt like it was rather a disadvantage until I held one of my favourite jobs where one of my tasks was organising German work experience students for the company.

Nothing is served on a silver plate – not even in Australia, would you believe it??? They don’t have ‚money trees‘ here either. Everyone works hard even in „paradise“.

If you do know someone who has conquered a new country, maybe asked them „How are you going?“ next time you pick up the phone.

Heart & Frangipani

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