Rubyvale – here we come

It takes about five hours to get from Mackay to Rubyvale. We’ve only been on the road for thirty minutes and I’m already freezing cold. It’s 36 degrees outside, but it feels like minus 10 although the air-conditioning tells me it is 23 degrees in the car. I’m not so sure if that is correct! I stroke over my arms to get warm. „Are you alright? Are you cold?“ „Nope“ I say „Maybe a little bit“ I add quietly while looking at my goose bumps (not to get confused with „goose pimps“ which made Greg crack up yet another time 😉 ).

„But aren’t you German!“ is the reply from the front seat. What’s that supposed to mean? Aren’t I allowed to be cold as a German? As I’ve found over the years, the answer is NO! And therefore my goose bumps and I get ignored over the next 4,5 hours. I’m just so glad when we stop for a wee. When we get out of the car it feels like entering a sauna and the humidity is so high that your hair springs into curls immediately. „Common, let’s go and get something to eat!“ says Greg at the petrol station. „What would you recommend?“ I ask. „Chicken salad sandwich.“ „Ok!“

He comes back with a massive sandwich, nothing like I’ve ever seen before. We Germans usually have a slice of a dense rye bread with margarine and a slice of cheese or some sort of sausage. What Greg has in his hands looks amazing: a thick slice of buttered white bread with mayo, shredded iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, shredded chicken, red onion and two big slices of beetroot finished of with another thick slice of bread. I’m eating away when he asks „And are you enjoying it?“ which I nod my head to, not letting go of this delicious lunch. „It’s really yummy! The beetroot on it is delicious, I’ve never had that before! Only with „Koenigsberger Klopsen (a German meatball dish).“ – „Koenigsberger what?“ asks Greg. „Don’t worry“ I say and bite into my sandwich again.

I’m not really looking forward to continue our trip in the ‚refrigerator car‘, but don’t have a choice. Won’t stay here in the middle of nowhere all by myself! We see so many interesting things, the red dirt I knew from all the Australian books I collected over the years, two enormous trucks with half a house each on their flat-bed are driving the other way. ‚Houses????‘ I think and must have said it out loud without realising. „Some people move with their house“ says Greg. Weird concept! They divide it up in two halves and off they go. I wonder if you could put your roast in the oven while the truck pulls your house along? Another huge truck passes us, it has cows in the back – the size is just enormous. „That’s a road train“ says Greg kind of reading my mind. When I look at him I see that he is pulling a funny face. „You have to be careful driving behind these trucks, once the cows start peeing your wind screen wiper won’t be able to keep up.“

I’m so disgusted that I forget how cold I am. We made it before I know it. We got to Rubyvale!

– Part 1 –

2 Gedanken zu „Rubyvale – here we come

  1. Hinsichtlich der Sandwiches kannst Du beruhigt sein. Seit es die Kette Subway gibt, hat sich der Kauf eines vermeintlich simplen Sandwiches ungefähr auf Starbucks-Niveau verkompliziert und die Dinger sind dort auch unheimlich lang und dick gefüllt.

    Allerdings ist es in Deutschland im Auto immer wärmer als draußen. Mit der Kimaanlage wird sehr sparsam umgegangen, denn sie erhöht den Verbrauch zu sehr. 😉

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