I also love taking pictures . . .

… that’s why I’ve been really busy launching my new business ‚a finn photo‘. Have a look at www.afinnphoto.com.au.

I’ve always loved taking photographs and loads of them, too, but you don’t just dump your studies to take pictures. Well, I didn’t. And then I was on mat leave and there was the opportunity to try something new, something I always dreamt about doing. And so it happened. . .

I specialise in babies and kids. I love taking pics of kids, while lots of photographers find it difficult and annoying. To capture the best pictures I usually take the families to a park or to the beach and let them have fun, let them be themselves. There are only few posed pics, only if the family wants some for the family album.

Yesterday I had my first newborn shoot (other than my own kids and yepp there have been thousands of photos of them – so lots of practice). And oh my God, she was so cute! Too cute! Adorable!!! The newborn shots were taken at the family home where they are nice and comfy whilst adjusting to parenthood. If you’d like to see some pics, please have a look at my facebook page (afinnphoto). While you’re there, please don’t forget to ‚like‘ and ’share‘ with your friends.


For more click here.

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